We’re inventing technology to

Raise Humanity's Happiness Quotient

*A happiness quotient is a measure of happiness or well-being experienced by individuals or groups. It considers factors like emotional well-being, social connections, and personal fulfilment.

To strengthen

human connections in a digital age

Because we believe,

while we build a fair and just tech-utopia,

We must not forget,

Humanity > Technology


MOI Chain

The world's first context-aware, participant-centric, p2p protocol built on ISM technology

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The official Explorer for MOI protocol

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A user-owned decentralized identity and authentication solution that lets you interoperate between web2 and web3 networks

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MOI Bit is a web3 platform that provides adaptive data management through private clusters on public infrastructure

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Mint Valley

E-Commerce for digital assets. Trade Digital Assets in an easy, fun, secure and practical way

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