Anantha R Krishnan

CEO, Sarva Labs

Note from the CEO

In 2016, during my exploration of blockchains, I discerned a significant societal shift towards extensive technological integration into human interactions. I became convinced that we are progressing towards a predominantly digital society heavily reliant on ubiquitous technology. This shift imposes considerable computational demands on current tools, which tend to be centralized, impersonal, and inflexible. In contrast, human interactions are characterized by their personal, dynamic, and contextual nature. Therefore, it is imperative to reconceptualize these technologies, placing a premium on empowering users and prioritizing human values, notably happiness.

Sarva Labs is committed to developing products that facilitate simple, equitable, sustainable, and humanized digital interactions. We address the critical challenges of scalability, security, and sustainability in existing web3 systems through an innovative design leveraging ISM technology. Notably, ISMs introduce the groundbreaking concept of contextual computation, marking the first instance where participants, rather than networks or applications, play a central role in computation. At Sarva Labs, we ensure that everyone has a meaningful role in building the future of our technological utopia.

Humans of Sarva


Lakshmin Nagalingam (Nagi)


Peter Chmiel



Abhishek Sonawane

Marketing Manager

Achala Bhat

Software Engineer

Akash Paul

Associate Software Engineer

Arunprakash S

Senior Fullstack Developer

Akshay Khurana

Product Designer

Bharadwaj Raghuraman

Chief Business Officer

Chandrashekar G R

Manager Operations

Chetna Mittal

Software Engineer

Ganesh Prasad Kumble

Principal Consultant - Research and Innovation

Gokul R

Blockchain Protocol Developer

Harshvardhan Singh Rathore

Design Engineer

Karthik Kumar Reddy Nallabolu

Software Engineer

Manish Meganathan

Blockchain Protocol Developer

MN Kannan

Principal - Finance & Business Solutions

Niyog v

Associate Software Engineer

Rahul Lenkala

Blockchain Protocol Developer

Robert Špendl

Cocolang Developer

Sai Prasanth Vuppala

W3aaS and Enterprise Solution Architect

Sai Shravanth Reddy

Blockchain Protocol Developer

Sarvagya Sagar

Sr. Product Security Engineer

Shameer Hussain

Software Engineer

Suhas Chikkanna

Lead DevOps Engineer

Vishal Kothari

Community Lead