About Us

Humanizing Networks | Personalizing Interactions

Sarva Labs is a DeepTech web3 start-up based out of Princeton, USA with thinkers, designers and engineers focused on simplifying digital interactions by developing new technologies in Blockchain and AI. We are building a new digital fabric for the decentralized internet woven around its users in an effort to personalize their digital interactions and enable total user ownership in the emerging web3 world.


We at Sarvalabs bring personalization to open networks through full user ownership and complete control of all dimensions of their digital interactions.


Anantha Krishnan


Ganesh Prasad Kumble

Head, Research and Engineering

Pankaj Nayak

Principal Software Engineer

Sai Prashanth

Senior Software Engineer

Rahul Lenkala

Blockchain Protocol Developer

Arun Prakash

Senior Software Engineer

Achala Bhatt

Software Engineer

Manish Meganathan

Core Protocol Developer

Harshvardhan Singh Rathore

UI/UX Designer & NFT Artist

Niyog V

Associate Software Engineer

Singam Sudheer Reddy

Software Engineer

Gokul R

Software Engineer


Chandrasekhar GR

Manager Operations

Balaji Vetrivel

Blockchain Business Analyst

Geetika Gahlot

Marketing Communications Manager

Vishal Kothari

Community Manager


Lakshmin Nagalingam (NAGI)


Peter Chmiel